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Born from a manufacturing background,

our family-owned business has been committed to delivering premium quality, all-natural witch hazel based brands across the skin care, first aid and personal care categories.

Sustainable Practices From The Beginning

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We take tremendous pride in how we make our products – starting from where, when and how we harvest our witch hazel – through to our distillation process. As perfectionists in our craft for over 150 years, we developed eco-conscious practices because it was the right thing to do – long before consumers actively sought it out, as they do today.

Organic Ingredients & Clean Labels

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We use organic ingredients and avoid contaminants commonly found in skin care to provide clean label products filled with the best that nature has to offer. Specifically, we only harvest 100% organic witch hazel plants and our products are always free of dyes, sulfates, phthalates and gluten.

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Our Team

American distilling family of employees

“This company is my family’s and my life’s work. It has been amazing to see how our commitment to our brands & people, and to authenticity, sustainability and clean ingredients, has flourished, bringing consumers the products they love, that they can feel great about choosing-today, and in the future.”

– Bryan Jackowitz

President, Dickinson Brands Inc.

Our History

Witch Hazel was first used by the Native Americans in the 1600s to relieve pain, treat colds & serve as a range of other remedies. It was commercialized in 1866 by Reverend Thomas Newton Dickinson and remains a staple in consumers’ daily skin care regimens today.

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